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Hi Arnor!

> I doesn't get my vote, I don't think it's a good idea. Main reasons:
> 1. The benefits are very small except for a very small group of people.
> I actually don't see a single reason why this would be implemented,
> things like color adjustments, switching logos and the like are already possible
> and pretty easy. 2. The development of additional features would take a longer
> time + the added complexity when debugging. 3. The switch to smarty templates
> would take forever (duke nukem forever kind of forever) 4. Smarty, if not used
> right, causes a lot of overhead, even when the templates get cached. Expect to
> see at least 0.1-0.2 seconds added to the current load time.

I think you are misunderstanding the reason for templates.

Templares are there to separate logic from display. It's not about us being able
to make different GUIs possible, it's about having clean PHP and clean HTML code
without intermixture.

About point 2, the development would take less time actually, because everything
will be more modular. Only initial deployment of the templating engine will take
time that would not happen if we were not using it. But as Sebastian already
posted, it speeds up development for all future tasks and also adds clarity for

Point 3.: No, as Sebastian pointed out the migration can be done almost seamless
and iterative.

Point 4., there is no such thing as "seconds" in terms of perfomance measuring.
It's all about percentage. Actually with pre-compiled PHP code, the only
overhead that happens is variables being assigned to a central array and being
read frmo there. I am quite sure that if we test it later on, the performance
penalty will be below 5%. When using a PHP bytecode cache, performance might
even increase.

So, IMHO only point 4 is a valid concern, but this is IMHO neglectible because
of the clear improvement in the code base, which scares of most developers

Best regards,

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