[Phpmyadmin-devel] @, display_errors, ob_*

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Fri Feb 2 09:17:12 CET 2007


i would once more vote for removing this nasty @s

if it is really a problem for you we could disable displaying of errors 
in common.lib.php

or using ob_*() function to catch all output till and of common.lib.php and

@ does not only hide error messages from being displayed but also hides 
them from being logged

just disabling display errors can also lead to the same problem if 
logging of errors is also disabled

if using ob_*() we can catch all output (where no output should happen) 
and check this - and than can present the user that there are some 
errors occurred and they should check there error log file and/or enable 
it and/or tell the administrators about this

ob_*() is fine till no 'official' output is happening - but later this 
is not possible - so we could also use our own error-handler

any opinions?

Sebastian Mendel


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