[Phpmyadmin-devel] comparing phpmyadmin.net and PMA

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Fri Jul 20 08:12:04 CEST 2007

Marc Delisle schrieb:
> Hi,
> still about font sizes: many browsers have standardized on a default 
> size of 16, this is why many find the text oversized in recent versions 
> of PMA (and the majority of users don't bother changing their browser's 
> settings because many sites adjust their fonts or font sizes accordingly).
> On phpmyadmin.net we specify the font size in CSS, and it's not 
> dependent on the default browser's font size. Users can still do CTRL + 
> or - if their browser supports it.
> So why not do it in PMA, with a config parameter containing 14 by 
> default (if set to empty, PMA would not alter the font-size in CSS).

my opinion is the same as in the last discussion about that (the page should
be displayed as the user configured his system, btw. it is the same with PHP
4 - webpages makes font smaller cause browsers make them too large, browser
can't make the default smaller cause webpages make them even smaller cause
current browsers make them too large ...) - but i really don't want to stay
in the way for changing this - but i clearly do not agree that this is good
practice or should be recommended usage or does help the user in any way!


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