[Phpmyadmin-devel] License, again

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Wed Jun 25 16:28:27 CEST 2008

cand. inf. Alexander M. Turek schrieb:
> Hi there,
> Marc Delisle schrieb:
>  > Sebastian Mendel a écrit :
>  >> companies (including hosting companies) that provide access to a
>  >> modified phpMyAdmin installation (SaaS) or provide a pre-installed
>  >> copy of a modified phpMyAdmin.
>  >
>  > Ok. Well, I am part of this group of persons that believe that the
>  > modifications should be made public, according to the spirit of GPL.
> I would agree with Marc and in the case that it would come to a vote 
> among all the former and current devs of phpMyAdmin, mine would be: 
> stick with GPL.

but GPL does not require making all code public!?

> I don't know, how much AMT code is still in pma, though. :-)


> My point is that a modified pma should not be something people make 
> money with.

yes, thats why AGPL

> I see the problems, hosters might have with releasing their 
> modifications under the GPL, if those affect for instance interfaces to 
> their own software. An idea might be, to allow those private 
> modifications for certain parts, let's say the auth system or the 
> privileges page. That means, that those parts of the code would be put 
> under the AGPL.


but putting tis parts undr AGPL would require them to make it public, i am 
confused ...

> But anyway, you still would have to ask the all devs of 
> those parts, which means, you would have to study CVS and SVN logs, 
> tracker items, ... I wouldn't want to do that, do you? ;-)

filtering out any commits with less then 5 subsequent lines changed
or just moved code around - would reduce it heavily.

(changing code, fixing bugs, formating, cleaning up does not change copyright)

Sebastian Mendel

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