[Phpmyadmin-devel] Usability problems in SVN trunk

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Thu Nov 20 15:51:56 CET 2008


> $cfg['InitialSlidersState'] string
> If set to 'closed', the visual sliders are initially in a closed
> state. A value of 'open' does the reverse.

Ah, perfect - that does the job for me. Would be nice to have that in the setup
script, but I think that this is being reworked already, right?

> But to confirm your point, we got another feedback that it's not a good
> idea to hide something if it's already at the bottom of screen.

I'd definitely suggest to make it default to "open".

[Remembering Fulltext toggle in cookie
> Yes, please provide us a patch ;)

Okay, I'll try to make that work, and make an optional "cookie" value for
InitialSlidersState, yes?

> The reasoning is that browsing a table is (probably) more common than
> accessing the structure, and clicking on the table name is easier than clicking
> on the small icon. But then, you have
> $cfg['LeftDefaultTabTable']  // for the icon
> and $cfg['DefaultTabTable'] // for clicking on table name

I agree about it maybe being more common for some users. But I disagree on
having that as the default, because it really breaks the user's expectancy.
phpMyadmin has been available for so long a time, so I don't really suggest to
change expected things for clicks that provide no real benefit... :)

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