[Phpmyadmin-devel] Introduction

Tomas Srnka toms at linuxos.sk
Sun Apr 5 17:40:52 CEST 2009


Yes, you are right, I have just finished a new version with both master 
and slave support. I moved the block at the end of status page. It looks 
much better. Thank you for the idea.


Tomas Srnka

cand. inf. Alexander M. Turek wrote:
> Hi there,
> Tomas Srnka schrieb:
>> I'm Tomas Srnka, 18 years old and living in Slovakia. In next two
>> months, I will finish my high school (IBD programme).
>> I'm applying to Google Summer of Code 2009 for implementation of
>> replication into phpMyAdmin. Therefore, I have started studying
>> phpMyAdmin code by adding small new features.
> Welcome. :-)
>> This morning, I finished table, which displays information about master
>> status in "Server Status" section (see
>> http://toms.linuxos.sk/gsoc09/phpMyAdmin/ for screenshots). I'm sending
>> two patches, which bring the feature. Any comments are more than
>> welcomed :).
>> My plan is to create section with information about both master and
>> slave statuses at the beginning.
> I've had a look at them and there's one thing I'm wondering about. There
> are many MySQL servers out there that do not use replication and
> probably never will: Wouldn't such a big block on the top of the server
> status page, that just tells me that replication is not used, be a bit
> annoying in that case?
> Regards,
> Alexander M. Turek

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