[Phpmyadmin-devel] UTF8 and connection encoding

cand. inf. Alexander M. Turek me at derrabus.de
Mon Feb 9 15:52:58 CET 2009

Hi Marc & list,

Marc Delisle schrieb:
> cand. inf. Alexander M. Turek a écrit :
>> Who changed this anyway? In my original MySQL 4.1 compatibility code,
>> the option to change the connection charset was intentionally not given
>> to the user - only for dump files, afaik.
> Alexander,
> you did this:

Just read the docs to refresh my memory. Changing the connection charset
is fine. It is used for comparisions and should not affect the results.
In the current PMA, the client charset is changed instead (and this is
the evil thing I was talking about). I'm having a look at this, hang on.



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