[Phpmyadmin-devel] fckeditor support for TEXT fields

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Wed Jun 3 15:05:29 CEST 2009


Dne Wed, 03 Jun 2009 08:43:02 -0400
Marc Delisle <marc at infomarc.info> napsal(a):

> I think that transformations require the PMADB mechanism? 


> so more users would not have access to them by default. 

Yes, but we can hardly do something about it. But we're anyway going to
this direction (per user configuration).

> Also, I would not be in favor 
> of having more than one such editor integrated.
> Do you have other "transformations" in mind for this case? Note that 
> currently, with the display options (in browse mode), user has a certain 
>   latitude for display.

After quick look into our feature tracker, we could offer at least
following editors:

- input
- textarea
- wysiwig
- textarea with deserialized data [1]
- textarea with hexadecimal data [2]


There would be definitely more options and configuring this per whole
phpMyAdmin installation does not make sense.

> Also, transformations imply some API we have to prepare, with the idea 
> of attracting developers; so I wonder if we can have an API generic 
> enough in this case. It probably depends on what other transformations 
> would be supported.

The API can be based on our current transformations - the function
which will display edit form can get same parameters, the function for
fetching updated data would get current row of form. I definitely miss
something here, but I don't  see why it should be complex.

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