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Dne Wed, 3 Jun 2009 14:25:09 +0200
"Siebrand Mazeland" <s.mazeland at xs4all.nl> napsal(a):

> Hi Michal, 
> > At translatewiki.net[2] we use the MediaWiki extension Translate[3] to 
> > facilitate the translation process. We import from and export to 
> > native product files. For this we have file format support 
> > components[4]. As far as I could assess, we have no problem supporting 
> > phpMyAdmin's current source format, although I have no tested yet. 
> > Output files for languages other than English will be clean (stripped 
> > of all comments). Links to some examples of supported file formats and
> results below my signature.
> We use comments to determine non translated messages, that might be
> difference when compared to your examples.
> [SM] That's probably something we need to assess after we possibly decide to
> look further into cooperating (which I hope we will). Ideally there is no
> duplication.

Do you have somewhere documented how you process messages and how you
merge them back to projects? I was unable to find this on the website.

> > >From our perspective it is important to get an idea if phpMyAdmin and
> > translatewiki.net working together is something that has a chance. If 
> > so, I would like to go into more detail with one or a few of you, so 
> > we can work out the details and seek wide consensus again.
> I generally think it is good idea to have a web interface. We already do
> have it for documentation translation (using Pootle for that) and I thought
> about adding support for our translations to Pootle, but never actually got
> to it.
> [SM] So here you have an offer that requires little work from your side, on
> a platform with an established translators community. Now what? :) We also
> have a 'page translation' feature that may fit your needs for the
> documentation, but it is  probably too early to look into that yet.
> Translatewiki.net can support gettext, too, though.

Let's stick with messages translation, the documentation can be handled

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