[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSoC - Server Stats

Philip Frank ich at philipfrank.de
Tue Apr 6 15:24:30 CEST 2010

2010/4/6 Herman van Rink <rink at initfour.nl>:
> Raj Shekhar wrote:
>> In infinite wisdom Philip Frank <ich at philipfrank.de> wrote:
>>> Data collection: In the past, I used rrdtool to collect stats on a
>>> server. Its datastore has a limited size - over time old entries get
>>> merged together and the data gets thinner, but is never completely
>>> deleted. Unfortunately, it is not very portable.
>> The size of the RRD file does not increase over time.  THat is a
>> feature, not a bug :-) .  Merging of the older data (reducing the
>> granularity) is a side effect of this.  In my opinion, the way RRD
>> handles that is quite intelligent.  It would be hard to get that
>> functionality right using mysql and rollup tables.
>> Why do you say that RRDs are not portable?  I have seen them work on
>> bsd/linux (and on 32/64 bit).
> I believe that their are rrd tools for many platforms available. But
> this would add new requirements to the environment in which pma is
> installed. It would also burden the administrator with extra complexity,
> as a writable filesystem location and the privilege to execute external
> binaries would be required.
> One of the sweet things of pma is in my opinion that it works for the
> most part out-of-the-box. We should be very careful not to lure people
> with nice features, which these statistics would be, and then jump
> through a complex installation.
> I'm very curious if the mysql 5.1 event scheduler combined with pmadb
> storage would be reliable and easy maintainable.
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> Met vriendelijke groet / Regards,
> Herman van Rink
> Initfour websolutions

Snip from my application:
Collecting data on the server side was discussed on phpmyadmins
mailing list several times and a consensus could not yet be found. The
major objections raised were that additional steps would have to be
taken by the user to set up a periodical collection of data, and that
competition with established monitoring tools like cacti was not
desired. To stay flexible regarding this issue, the protocols used in
my implementation will also allow for data possibly recorded in the
past to be transferred, although server side data collection will not
be part of my project.

I'll try to get something with scheduled events started as a parallel project.

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