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Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Wed Apr 7 19:50:46 CEST 2010


Am 07.04.2010 19:19, schrieb Philip Frank:
> 2010/4/7 Silvan Troxler <silvan.troxler at gmail.com>:
>> Michael Keck and I were discussing whether to use Dwoo or Twig. We
>> both think, Dwoo is the better choice. While Twig is in an early
>> development stage and introduces a new template syntax, Dwoo was
>> around for a while now and the syntax is very similar or even
>> compatible to Smarty. This makes it easier to code for everybody who
>> is familiar with the very well known and widely used Smarty. But Dwoo
>> started as a pure PHP5 project and doesn't have "dead weight" as
>> Smarty.
>> I everyone is content with this decision.
> This probably comes a bit late, but have you considered http://phptal.org/ ?
Yes of course.
> The huge benefit of TAL ist that it's template code is valid XML, so
> most HTML editors handle it pretty well with syntax checking etc.
That's right, but it's to difficult to see where is wich content. What I
mean is
<a href="{ url }">{ link_description }</a> makes for every people the code
easier to read and understand instead of
<a href="{ url }" tal:getContent="link_description" />.
> I don't really have an opinion on Dwoo or Twig, but I'd consider the
> following points:
> * Dwoo: mostly written by a single guy. smarty compatibilty is a good
> point though.
> * Twig: maintained by sensiolabs, who also made the symfony webapp
> framework. these slides also point out a lot of nice things about
> Twig: http://www.slideshare.net/fabpot/twig-the-flexible-fast-and-securetemplate-language-for-php
> Regards,
> Philip

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