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Ninad Pundalik ninadsp16289 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 20:35:58 CEST 2010


Replies inline, have edited the messages a little, to put similar
issues together.  Sorry for messing up the order.

>> On top of the query dialog, which shows the correct 'create user'
>> statements, there is a very small message (with the warning icon) but
>> it doesn't seem to contain a message.
> This very small message is caused by:
> <div class="notice"></div>
Fixed.  Caused due to a modification made to PMA_showMessage() for
Ajax requests.

> For me, testing with FF 3.6.6 on Windows Vista, even after clicking on
> the first letter, the newly created user does not appear.
Tested on FF 3.6.6 and 3.6.3.  Newly created user is visible in the
list retrieved on clicking the first user.  Could we be having caching
issues?  It works when I take the following steps:
- Open Privileges page
- Add New User
- Click on first letter that contains the user name of the new user.

It seems to fail when the following steps are taken:
- Open Privileges page
- Paginate the list of users, clicking on the same alphabet that would
be the beginning of the new username
- Add New User
- Again paginate the list of users and show the same alphabet

Will a simple call to Math.random() be sufficient to add an extra
GET/POST variable parameter that would not return the cached user's
list?  I don't remember seeing any function in the js/ folder that
would generate a random string that I could use here.

>> On Kubuntu 10.04, FF 3.6.6, I can add a user. After adding I'm
>> redirected to the privileges page and a message 'User was succesfully
>> created' (or something like that) pops up. But the created user is not
>> listed.


>> * after adding a table, it is not visible in the table list of the
>> database. After reloading the page it is listed.
Both require that I add to the table that already exists.  I'm working
on it and will be committed to the repository in a few hours.

>> A few more things :
>> * the 'add user' page doesn't seem to like it when you hit enter to
>> submit your data. I got some kind of 'unable to execute : undefined'
>> error, even if I clicked on the 'Add user' button.
> Hitting "enter" does nothing for me. Is this a normal behavior for
> jQuery dialog?
jQuery dialogs will submit that form when we click on one of the
buttons.  I'm trying to figure out if I can trigger the same event by
hooking up the same functions on the form's submit event.

>> * After doing something on the privileges page (adding/removing user),
>> a yellow box with a message appears. After a few seconds, it
>> disappears, but immediately a new yellow box (but empty) appears,
>> leaving a small yellow bar on top of the screen. It dissappears after
>> a few seconds, but I guess it would be better if it wouldn't appear,
>> if there wasn't a message in it.
> Same for me, although now this happens only when removing a user.
Should be fixed now.  I've just pushed the changes, should take a
little while to refresh on the demo server.

>> Comments on adding a table to a database :
>> * If the input fields to create fields is bigger than can fit on a
>> screen, there are no scrollbars, so some part of the form is not
>> accessible/readable.
> There is an horizontal scrollbar now.
That is one of the issues I was thinking about, but jQueryUI added the
scrollbar automatically when I tested it.  Hence, I didn't think too
much about it.  Maybe, if we could highlight the scrollbar in some
way, the user might not feel lost.

> I tested again and it seems I cannot even create a table; after clicking
> on save, the dialog stays there.
The dialog stays there till the request completes successfully.  The
error handling seems to be faulty, or it would have shown an error
message in case there was one.  I'll fix it.

> Also, when creating a table and asking to add a column, I see
> "processing request" but the column is not added to the dialog.
When the form's content is retrieved with the new number of columns,
it is simply inserted in place of the previous form.  I guess we
should show an alert that the form has been updated.  I'll add an Ajax
notification at the end of the request.

Ninad S. Pundalik

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