[Phpmyadmin-devel] Ninad's tree and Privileges page

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Mon Jul 12 22:56:03 CEST 2010

Ninad Pundalik a écrit :
> <snip>
>> For me, testing with FF 3.6.6 on Windows Vista, even after clicking on
>> the first letter, the newly created user does not appear.
> </snip>
> Tested on FF 3.6.6 and 3.6.3.  Newly created user is visible in the
> list retrieved on clicking the first user.  Could we be having caching
> issues?  It works when I take the following steps:
> - Open Privileges page
> - Add New User
> - Click on first letter that contains the user name of the new user.

Testing with commit a1e97024.

For me, the previous scenario does not work; on a server with just 3
users, creating a 4th then to see it, I must click "Show all".

Dieter, does Ninad's scenario work for you?

> It seems to fail when the following steps are taken:
> - Open Privileges page
> - Paginate the list of users, clicking on the same alphabet that would
> be the beginning of the new username
> - Add New User
> - Again paginate the list of users and show the same alphabet
> Will a simple call to Math.random() be sufficient to add an extra
> GET/POST variable parameter that would not return the cached user's
> list?  I don't remember seeing any function in the js/ folder that
> would generate a random string that I could use here.

I would be happen to try this with your added random value.

I wonder why removing a user would not bring an older page from the
cache (you are talking about the browser cache, right?) while creating a
user would.

> <snip>
>>> On Kubuntu 10.04, FF 3.6.6, I can add a user. After adding I'm
>>> redirected to the privileges page and a message 'User was succesfully
>>> created' (or something like that) pops up. But the created user is not
>>> listed.
> </snip>
> <snip>
>>> * after adding a table, it is not visible in the table list of the
>>> database. After reloading the page it is listed.
> </snip>
> Both require that I add to the table that already exists.  I'm working
> on it and will be committed to the repository in a few hours.
> <snip>
>>> A few more things :
>>> * the 'add user' page doesn't seem to like it when you hit enter to
>>> submit your data. I got some kind of 'unable to execute : undefined'
>>> error, even if I clicked on the 'Add user' button.
>> Hitting "enter" does nothing for me. Is this a normal behavior for
>> jQuery dialog?
> </snip>
> jQuery dialogs will submit that form when we click on one of the
> buttons.  I'm trying to figure out if I can trigger the same event by
> hooking up the same functions on the form's submit event.

For this to work, I believe that the create button would need to be
highlighted to show that it's the action of the Enter key.

I just tried here http://jqueryui.com/demos/dialog/#modal-form and the
Enter key does not work; maybe it's not intended to work.

> <snip>
>>> * After doing something on the privileges page (adding/removing user),
>>> a yellow box with a message appears. After a few seconds, it
>>> disappears, but immediately a new yellow box (but empty) appears,
>>> leaving a small yellow bar on top of the screen. It dissappears after
>>> a few seconds, but I guess it would be better if it wouldn't appear,
>>> if there wasn't a message in it.
>> Same for me, although now this happens only when removing a user.
> </snip>
> Should be fixed now.  I've just pushed the changes, should take a
> little while to refresh on the demo server.
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>>> Comments on adding a table to a database :
>>> * If the input fields to create fields is bigger than can fit on a
>>> screen, there are no scrollbars, so some part of the form is not
>>> accessible/readable.
>> There is an horizontal scrollbar now.
> </snip>
> That is one of the issues I was thinking about, but jQueryUI added the
> scrollbar automatically when I tested it.  Hence, I didn't think too
> much about it.  Maybe, if we could highlight the scrollbar in some
> way, the user might not feel lost.
> <snip>
>> I tested again and it seems I cannot even create a table; after clicking
>> on save, the dialog stays there.
> </snip>
> The dialog stays there till the request completes successfully.  The
> error handling seems to be faulty, or it would have shown an error
> message in case there was one.  I'll fix it.
> <snip>
>> Also, when creating a table and asking to add a column, I see
>> "processing request" but the column is not added to the dialog.
> </snip>
> When the form's content is retrieved with the new number of columns,
> it is simply inserted in place of the previous form.  I guess we
> should show an alert that the form has been updated.  I'll add an Ajax
> notification at the end of the request.
In your previous release I was not seeing the added column but now it's

Marc Delisle

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