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Ninad Pundalik ninadsp16289 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 14:53:11 CEST 2010

Hi Isaac,

> It's a small thing, but when I go to the Privileges tab and click the
> "Add a new user" link, the page immediately says "Loading" -- which is
> good -- but it's made to be the top thing on the page where I'll never
> see it unless looking for it. I'd much rather see that type of feedback
> closer to the Add a new user button or as a graphic superimposed over
> the entire page. Either way, I feel the "Loading" at the top of the page
> (above even the server name) is too obscure for users to notice.
My idea for this is to use a division like GMail does, by setting a
fixed position to the division which shows the messages.  I am yet to
edit the CSS files to that effect, as I haven't read any documentation
on the theming in phpMyAdmin.  I'll put it on a high priority and
complete it.  As for the graphic, I'll add it too for notifications
about Ajax requests being processed.  It would not make sense to show
the graphic if an error/success message is being shown.  Should a gif
from Ajaxload [0] be alright?

> Also "Add a new user" seems broken on the demo server[1] ("currently
> running Git revision 06a7736 from master branch"), when I click the
> link, the right frame never finishes loading. I see the textboxes for
> creating a user for a fraction of a second before the page goes white.
I'll test it on the demo server and figure out the issue.  I suspect
that a document.write() call is conflicting somewhere with jQuery.

> After renaming a database, I first get the very alarming prompt asking
> if I wish to DROP my database (yes, the full text is "CREATE
> DATABASE...and then DROP DATABASE foo" but as a user all I see is that
> I'm dropping it). I think that can be a more friendly prompt.
> Once I agree to that, I get stuck in "Reload Database" (No, Yes) -- if I
> hit "Yes" that same dialog is presented, if I press No the database is
> renamed but both frames act as if I'm still in the old database. (again
> "currently running Git revision 06a7736 from master branch").
There was a context issue in setting the db variable which I'd
forgotten about.  Fixed it.

> You could look at wordpress.com; Michal's blogspot.com suggestion was
> good too as I know people who use both.
My blog is a self hosted Wordpress setup, and I've used both the
services.  My blog is up now.  Thank you for the suggestions :)

[0] - http://ajaxload.info

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