[Phpmyadmin-devel] Transition to template-based framework

Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Mon Mar 8 09:07:27 CET 2010

Hi Marc,

> Am 07.03.2010 22:05, schrieb Marc Delisle:
> Hi Michael,
> you are volunteer to port the phpMyAdmin code base to a template-based 
> framework? I surely am not volunteer for such a job.
Yes, why not?
But it would really help me, if developers leave comments, what is for
My goal is to seperate PMA-function from html (-output). This will
support more
flexibility for layout and theming and perhabs to invide developers to make
only php code and others the html-output.

But which should I use?

I've found follow template engines, and I want to get little feeadback
which would be right and good for us:

    * TWIG
      Link: http://www.twig-project.org/)
      Info: it's made from the same peoples wich made Symfony.
      What I say: It's really fast (see

    * Dwoo
      Link: http://dwoo.org/
      Info: PHP5 template engine positioned as an alternative to Smarty,
      it is (nearly)
      fully compatible with its templates and plugins, but it is written
      from scratch and
      aimed at going one step further with a cleaner codebase.
      What I say: I'm using Smarty on a other project, Dwoo has nearly
      same syntax.

    * Smarty
      Link: http://www.smarty.net/
      Info: The most known.
      What I say: May be not a good choice. Marc gives me the link

At my own, I think Symfony or Zend-Framework would be little overkill.


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