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Michael Keck sfnet at michaelkeck.de
Sun Mar 14 21:12:05 CET 2010

Hi Micha,

Am 14.03.2010 17:47, schrieb Michal Čihař:
> Hi
> Dne Sat, 13 Mar 2010 16:00:13 +0100
> Michael Keck <sfnet at michaelkeck.de> napsal(a):
>> I've seen the file /libaries/messages.inc.php. Would this the final
>> solution?
> No, the messages should be used directly in code/templates, this is
> just for the easy transition, because this way we can use gettext
> without really changing most of the code. I plan to move messages
> slowly from messages.inc.php to places where they belong, but it is
> nothing high priority.
Okay ...
perhabs with templating I must do this if we don't want use the
$strNameWhatElseEver in future releases.
>> If yes, I can use in template engine things like $strXxxXxx, Else if
>> not, I will write
>> a filter function for TWIG-templating, but I think it would be overheaded.
> It looks to me strange that there is not a templating system for PHP
> which support localization natively.
Yes your right. Many template designers uses for each language a languag
file (as we done),
or - that's a really terrible way - for each langage an own skin (roll
Internationalization is not a proiority by templete engines, but by the
way Dwoo (alternative to
Smarty, but for PHP 5 and faster) has this functional, and in Twig I
must write my own filter.
If we want switch later to Symfony framework, we can use Dwoo or Twig as
a plugin.
For other frameworks (like Zend) only Dwoo has a ready to go plugin feature.
Perhabs it would be better to use Dwoo instead of Twig?
>> Is it possible for you, to add a switch in your select lang library?
>> If I need strings in Javascript, that I would be able to include such a
>> thing like:
>> <script type="text/javascript"
>> src="select_lang.php?js=selected_lang"></script>
>> This should me return javascript compatible strings as an object like
>> var pmaStringJS = {
>>     strAbortedClients : 'Aborted',
>>     /* ... and so on */
>>     'strZip' : 'zipped'
>> }
> I really don't see single reason why it should be part of
> select_lang.php (especially as it is in libaries, which we suggest to
> protect from remote access).
Was only a sample. A own script would be good to ;)
> But we can definitely create such code.
> Django has something what provides gettext like functionality to
> javascript, but I don't know if the code is enough generic so that it
> can be used in other project.
Django is python or I'm wrong?
>> The Problem: UTF8-Strings should be encoded with \uXXXX.
>> Sample: 'Löschen' will become 'L\u00F6schen'.
> There is some problem in using http headers for defining charset for
> javascript?
Yes, browser can ignore charset (by wrong encoding settings). This is a
bulletproof solution.
Many big JS-projects (like TinyMCE or jQuery) use the \uXXXX, cause only
displayed text will
be damaged, not the functional of a script.
At the moment at the latest release all works fine with js, but when I
switch to template base
and jQuery perhabs I need new translated strings. That's the reason, why
I started discussion.


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