[Phpmyadmin-devel] JQuery AJAX Implementation - Google SoC

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Tue Mar 23 01:55:12 CET 2010

Meher Anand a écrit :
> Hi.
> I've tried to come up with a method that will help the UI experience for the
> user through AJAX while degrading gracefully for non Javascript supporting
> browsers. So here it goes:
> Ajaxifying the Browse table interface:
> 1) Currently clicking on the Delete icon causes a Javascript alert and then
> a page refresh takes place. Instead of refreshing, we can have a
> $(this).parent().parent().hide() called and at the same time, send a request
> to sql.php to make the deletion.

Makes sense. Anywaw, for non-js there is currently a refresh and a
distinct confirmation page (if confirms are configured true).

> 2) Currently clicking on the Edit icon causes a new page to open and changes
> must be made and saved there. We can associate the double click event of
> JQuery (.dblclick) with each of the fields inside a row so that when one
> would double click on a field in the row, all fields in the row turn into
> text boxes where changes can be made and once the focus is removed, the text
> boxes can become text fields again. Once a user decides to commit all
> changes, he would click the 'Submit Changes' button and he would receive the
> status update regarding the changes in the table.

I'm not sure about your suggestion as the double-click is not a popular
action on a web page. Also, when browsing, one does not have much room
(take for example a text field or an ENUM or a foreign key with a
drop-down for the choices).

How about a new window that would open when clicking the Edit icon? It
would be similar to the distinct page we currently get.

Also, don't forget that the checkboxes can be used for multi-edit? Does
this fit with AJAX? Not sure.

> 3) A similar method can be employed to implement the Add row feature in
> Ajax.

Are you talking about the Structure page or the Insert one?

> These are the ideas that I could come up with right now. The best part about
> this is, one need not be concerned about majority of things while writing
> the Javascript code. One can see that if Javascript is disabled, the
> application would run how it would have normally run otherwise. Also, there
> is a team that is working on GUI improvement. Their work can be run
> independently of this and very minor changes would have to be made in order
> to accommodate the JQuery Ajax code into the improved application.
> Please review this idea and let me know if you have any questions regarding
> the same.
> Regards.
> Meher Anand

Marc Delisle

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