[Phpmyadmin-devel] Color of error messages in pmahomme theme

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Thu Apr 21 13:00:15 CEST 2011

Le 2011-04-20 23:24, Mike Homme a écrit :
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>> Mike Homme a écrit :
>>> My latest commit includeds:
>>> .notice: 	which was yellow-ish, is now a light blue.
>>> .warning:	is now the yellow-ish color that  "notice" was.
>>> .error:		changed to the pinkish background with black (not
>> red) text.
>>> .success:	background stays the green color.
>>> I think this addresses the hard to read colors, and also puts colors
>>> in a more standard "order of importance", if there is such a thing. ;
>>> )
>>> Mike
>> Mike,
>> The light blue of ".notice" can be confused with the color of links. See
> for
>> example the server Status page.
> I see what you mean, will fix.


>> For ".error", I'm happy with your change.
> Err, well, now I'm not. : )
> On the demo server (Home screen), I see two messages at the bottom. One is
> ".warning" and the other is ".error". I'd suggest the two styles be
> identical (which is what I meant to do) . Would making them the same work
> well with other user cases in the app? Or does .error and .warning have
> specific meanings and they should look different?

The idea was that an error is "worst" and needs more immediate attention
than a warning; however the choice of error/warning is of course open to

In the original theme, the icon is different. A warning is "softened"
with the icon containing an exclamation mark but is still considered a
somewhat problematic message.

Now I suspect that we could have only three levels, to remove the "open
to interpretation" problem.

success: a confirmation that all is fine ("Table has been copied",
"Bookmark created").

notice: a neutral message to inform of something ("Inserted row id",
"Query took 0.01 seconds").

error: this is a problem (would cover the current errors and warnings).

>> For ".success", I see a yellow background #EBF8A4 with green border
>> #A2D246, with this what you meant?
> . I actually haven't changed the .success style since I "toned them down"
> about a month ago, per user feedback. So yes, it's greenish to me but, I'm
> OK with it as-is.


Marc Delisle

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