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Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Thu Aug 4 13:25:24 CEST 2011

Aris Feryanto a écrit :
>> From: Marc Delisle <marc at infomarc.info>
>> Le 2011-07-31 13:15, Aris Feryanto a écrit :
>>>>>>  3. I hope that we'll get the OK from other developers to 
>> remove
>>>>>>  the row inline edit feature, because with the current code,
>>>>>>  3.1 we have two features to do almost the same thing 3.2
>>>>>>  currently, clicking on inline edit then on a cell activates the
>>>>>>  grid editing!
>>>>>  I hope so. Any objections?
>> Still waiting for input from other developers...
> It seems there is no objection about this. Instead, positive feedback from other phpMyAdmin developers.

Yes. Can you remove the row inline edit feature from your tree?

>>>>>>  4. With this feature, we have the same problems as with inline 
>>>>>>  edit, such as:
>>>>>>  4.2 (major) For tables with a unique key, if this key is
>>>>>>  edited, the Edit, Copy and Delete links no longer contain a
>>>>>>  valid where_clause parameter and the multi-rows actions at the
>>>>>>  bottom (with selected) no longer work.
>>>>>>  4.3 (major) For tables without a unique key, if any column is 
>>>>>>  edited, the Edit, Copy and Delete links no longer contain a
>>>>>>  valid where_clause parameter and the multi-rows actions at the
>>>>>>  bottom (with selected) no longer work.
>>>>>  Two problems above were fixed.
>>>>  It's a good progress but the fix is not complete.
>>>>  About remark 4.2, the Delete link still refers to the old unique
>>>>  key.
>>>  It's weird, since this works in my test. Could you please check this
>>>  again?
>> The real problem is that the confirmation message shown before deletion
>> still contains the old key. Deletion itself works but I had stopped to
>> test after seeing the wrong confirmation message.
> Fixed


>>>>  About multi-row actions, here is a scenario: - open sakila.actor -
>>>>  use the checkbox on two rows - in the "With selected", click
>>>>  Export - it works: you are seeing these keys in the generated
>>>>  query
>>>>  - go back to browsing sakila.actor - grid edit one row, change the
>>>>  unique key and save - use the checkbox on two rows, including the
>>>>  one you just grid-edited - in the "With selected", click 
>> Export -
>>>>  problem: incorrect generated query for the grid-edited row
>>>  Yap. It still generates wrong export. I'll fix this.
>>>>  About remark 4.3, the Edit link still points to the old data and
>>>>  fails, in the case of a table lacking a unique key.
>>>  Same as the response for 4.2, this works on my test. Could you check
>>>  this again?
>> I confirm the problem, on a copy of the sakila.actor table where I have
>> removed all indexes. I think it's because the last_update column (a
>> timestamp) was updated via grid-editing but the URL still contains the
>> previous value.
> Fixed.

Problem 4.3 exists in your current tree. Tested with the Edit link on 
the sakila.actor table by changing the actor_id.

>> 5. Just found out another problem, when the configuration AjaxEnable is
>> set to false.
>> Trying your version with latest commit
>> 0d197603085c43cac543351795b3df6de4167b96 with Firefox 5 on sakila.actor,
>> I cannot change the actor_id then click "Save edited data". Look what 
>> is
>> generated:
>> UPDATE `sakila`.`actor` SET = '4002' WHERE `actor2`.`actor_id` =2
> Regarding the AjaxEnable setting, should the grid editing works when AjaxEnable is set to off?


6. As suggested by Dieter and confirmed by Michal, please set this in 

$cfg['SaveCellsAtOnce'] = false;

Indeed it seems more prudent to auto-save, even it means more requests 
in case of many changes.

Marc Delisle

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