[Phpmyadmin-devel] Documentation question and AjaxEnable's default value

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Sat Feb 12 22:06:34 CET 2011


Dne Sat, 12 Feb 2011 14:09:09 -0500
Isaac Bennetch <bennetch at gmail.com> napsal(a):

> In Documentation.html, the placement/order where AjaxEnable and 
> VersionCheck were placed seem off -- I would prefer to have it above 
> MaxDbList. That way, MaxDbList and MaxTableList are grouped together and 
> continue on to MaxCharactersInDisplayedSQL...keeping that series of Max 
> values together. If you look at the wiki 
> (http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/Config#Other_core_phpMyAdmin_settings) 
> you'll better see what I prefer. Is it okay to make that change in 
> Documentation.html as well?

I think it makes sense. I've added VersionCheck just after AjaxEnable
and did not much look for the context.

> Secondly, in ./libraries/config.default.php the default value of 
> $cfg['VersionCheck'] is VERSION_CHECK_DEFAULT (which in turn is defined 
> to be true). I'm not sure how to document that in the wiki...should we 
> state that the default value is true, which is mostly true anyway, or is 
> it better to be verbose about explaining the default value?

The reason for this is that Linux distributions will most likely will
want to disable this check. They distribute security checks mostly by
patching version they have, so there is no reason to notify user about

So in most cases default will be true, but for example in Debian it
will be false.

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