[Phpmyadmin-devel] Testing request: Ajax features

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Sat Feb 19 16:51:02 CET 2011

Le 2011-02-19 08:42, Isaac Bennetch a écrit :

Thanks Isaac,
> 1 - Not directly related, but when adding a new user the dialog box is 
> movable, is resizable, and has a scrollbar. When editing a user, it's a 
> different type of dialog and isn't movable or directly scrollable. To 
> scroll in that window, one must use the regular window's scrollbar to 
> the far right. I prefer the first method, but either way they (and all 
> of our dialogs, I think) should match in style.

Fixed; if you see other dialogs which need this improvement, tell me...

> 2 - When running an SQL query (from the main page, SQL tab), the query 
> seems to run successfully but a new query window appears briefly, then 
> is hidden and replaced with "Show query box" -- when it's shown, the 
> same content is now shown in two different query boxes.

I cannot see same content in two different query boxes. Tested with FF
3.6.13 on Vista (after clearing my cache):

- main page, click SQL
- enter "SELECT VERSION();"
- click Go
- click Show query box
> 3 - Perhaps related to (2), there's a "Hide query box" link on the SQL 
> tab which can be clicked...and then the page is essentially blank other 
> than the navigation tabs and "Show query box" (which sits too close to 
> the navigation bar anyway). I'm not sure what this link is for and it 
> seems weird to allow hiding of the only thing shown on a page.

Agreed, will fix.

> 4 - When running an SQL query from the SQL tab, the drop down notice 
> says "Loading..." for quite a while, then disappears; it never says 
> "Finished" or "Query run successfully" or "query run in 0.4352 seconds" 
> or anything like that. I'd prefer to see notification that it's finished 
> it's work, like in the add user dialog.
> That's all I've had time to see so far. Which shall I file bug reports 
> about?

I'll tell you later what I did not have time to fix.

Marc Delisle

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