[Phpmyadmin-devel] Drizzle connect with phpmyadmin

Piotr Przybylski piotr.prz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 01:33:08 CET 2011

2011/2/21 AAMIR KHAN <ak4u2009 at gmail.com>:
> I was trying to connect phpmyadmin with drizzle. It says error in SQL Query
> : SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'...
> I tried running it in drizzle and same error appears there. How can i
> disable the charsets/collations that we do on connect ?
Use phpMyAdmin from master branch or newest 3.4 beta, it can connect
to Drizzle though MySQL protocol.

> And is there any specific reason for why drizzle does not support utf8 while
> mysql does ?
Drizzle is made to be a simpler and more scalable DBMS than MySQL, and
it supports only UTF-8 - all other character sets are gone, along with
SQL queries that allow for their use. You may want to look into
official docs [1] to look for differences.
I already researched it a little as I want to implement full Drizzle
support during this year's GSoC :)

[1] http://docs.drizzle.org/mysql_differences.html

Piotr Przybylski

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