[Phpmyadmin-devel] Grid editing versus Inline edit

Aris Feryanto aris_feryanto at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 22 16:11:16 CEST 2011

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> From: Marc Delisle <marc at infomarc.info>
> Le 2011-07-22 09:16, Aris Feryanto a écrit :
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>>>  From: Marc Delisle <marc at infomarc.info>
>>>  Hi, I just tried Aris's new feature: grid editing (or Edit mode). A
>>>  few things are not ready, for example ENUM, SET and TEXT editing;
>>>  however I feel that with this, we won't need inline edit (for rows)
>>>  any more.
>>  Hi Marc and all,
>>  Yes, it is still not complete yet. I'm still working on adding
>>  support for different data types and fixing bugs. Things I've
>>  noticed:
>>  - the feature still does not work well with inline edit
> Don't you think that this feature should replace inline edit?

IMO yes, it should replace inline edit. I stated it above to make sure everyone who want to test it know that current version is not working well with inline edit.

>>  - there is still a problem with data transformation - make grid
>>  editing available to those table cell which doesn't have .inline_edit
>>  class (e.g., TEXT)
>>  I also planned to add an option to turn on/off "ask before 
> saving".
>>  Besides these things, the UI and editing mode can be tested in [0].
>>  Any feedback or comment is really appreciated.
> Saving is done by clicking outside the cell, right? But it's not
> explained, should it be?
> Also, if we compare with a spreadsheet program, saving is not done when
> exiting a cell, it's done by an explicit click (for example on a Disk
> button). The user might want to change many columns before saving.

Great. I think it's good to have the feature to save all edited columns at once.

> I'm also wondering about the "Edit mode". Why not just enter edit 
> when
> someone clicks on data? I know that, currently, clicking on data
> produces row marking and ticks the checkbox, but this could be improved.
> After all, the most probable intention from a user (with a spreadsheet
> knowledge) clicking on data is to edit it.

When I made this "Edit mode", I was thinking about clicking data with a link, for example foreign key in InnoDb table. We may expect to go to the data associated with the foreign value when clicking the link, don't we?

Aris Feryanto

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