[Phpmyadmin-devel] Interested in GSOC project

陈岳峰 dennislyve at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 16:06:45 CET 2011

Hi All,

My name is Dennis Chen, a postgraduate student in Tongji University,
Shanghai , China. My major is Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
and my research direction is text mining.

I have internship experiences in companies like BOSCH, NEC and IBM, worked
for projects which involved C/C++,php, javascript and perl. In the company
of IBM I took care of nearly all php projects of the team, including a web
monitor for storage system (php & dojo), an interview system for interns
(symfony framework & JQuery), a machine reservation system( php & JQuery)
and other small web tools. It's an disappointment that I can not show you
the sanpshots of these projects.

I really love web programming and I even developed an app as the birthday
present for my wife, I can show you some snapshots:
1.png<http://www.likegermans.com/gsoc2011/1.png>is the initial status
of the app. I prepared many questions for her and if
she answers correctly the puzzle will become more in order and otherwise
more chaostic. 2.png <http://www.likegermans.com/gsoc2011/2.png> is the
final status if my wife can earn 100 points. I apply the magic of CSS Sprite
to form the puzzle. You can see that I use many components in JQuery UI to
make this app.

Recently, I just added a new feature to a BBS of a group of friends of mine:
users can twit others in the posts. They love it!

As a frequent user of phpMyAdmin, I'm really desired to contribute myself to
this project. I've read the applicant guide, I understand that I need to do
some bug fixing work, but I don't quite understand how to find a proper bug
or feature to fix, do you have some suggestions?

by the way, if lucky enough, I hope that I can take the mission of 'Ajax' or
''Support of procedures' in the idea list

Best Regards,

Dennis Chen
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