[Phpmyadmin-devel] Server variables and settings page help - ID: 3196075

Samiran Raj Boro srajbr at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 15:08:28 CET 2011

I have completed fixing this issue. I want to make patch now. I also need
some help for placement of files.

I have created three tables with values in phpmyadmin database from which I
use to pull the documentation link. I have the sql file but where this thing
must be placed so that it executes at its setup.

Someone please let me know as early as possible as I am eager to release my
first patch :D and let others to test it.

Samiran Raj Boro
Institute of Science and Technology
Gauhati University
Guwahati, Assam

sf username: srajbr <https://sourceforge.net/users/srajbr>
IRC Nickname: samiran
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