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陈岳峰 dennislyve at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 15:46:51 CET 2011


I have some ideas for the ajaxify work

1.A good framework.As the ajaxify of PMA just get started, I think it is
essential to establish a scalable framework to process the ajax request as
soon as possible.You can see the existed codes for ajaxify work have a lot
in common, we should not repeat such codes again and again. The frame work
should include not be limited to:

  form validation(use JQuery validation plugin to replace current validation
  basic function of request processing
  handle with expired session
  callback interfaces for overriding
  UI design to display response information

2.Code refactor
Now that we have introduced jquery to PMA, we should make full use of it and
rewrite functions like getElementsByClassName,getElement(e,f).
But on the other hand, we should not abuse JQuery. I see a lot
$(document).ready(function() {
in functions.js, as quoted from JQUERY's doc," In most cases, the script can
be run as soon as the DOM hierarchy has been fully constructed", so all the
ready function will be called when the dom's constructed. But functions.js
is included in many pages, only a few of them need to run those ready
function(actually one of it). We should split them into seve3.ral js file to
be included only by pages that really need them.

3.No framesets anymore
In web1.0, people use framesets to achieve some ajax-like function.Here in
Web2.0, do we still need them?However, I guess this is a big project to
rebuild a no-frame application, where scripts refactoration and layout
adjustment are involved, but it worth a try.  I prefer to replace the
navigation frame with a hidable side bar, this will reduce some layout
adjustment work too.


Best regards,

Dennis Chen
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