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Lunkan andreas.lunkan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 17:27:17 CET 2011

Hi pma developing community!

First of all, a small presentation, my name is Andreas Lundquist and is a
pre-graduate student from Sweden. I have been using phpmyadmin a lot when
doing things like small websites and so.
It's always been my first choice when doing web development.

I'm interested in the idea of improving the browse-mode like said on the
idea page at
There were quite many users who have sent in requests about this topic and
many of them I think are possible to implement.

Sadly I have never contributed to any open-source projects before so this
mailinglist and stuff like git is quite new for me. However I have been
using svn on some projects so I'm not to blown away of the idea.
I have managed to get the source code to a local git repository and will
create a repository on the site recommended by the git guide in the wiki.

I will look through the source code and hopefully understand the structure
and try to fix some bugs or requests from the bug tracker so I get the idea
of sending in code to be reviewed.
Just one question though just to be clear, am I supposed to write a line in
the bug tracker before I start try to implement it even if I'm not sure I
could do it?

That's all for now, just thought I should present myself to the community so
you know who I am.

Best regards,
Andreas Lundquist
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