[Phpmyadmin-devel] Bug: ID: 2107746 Warn about incomplete exports

Piyush Mishra me at piyushmishra.com
Mon Mar 21 11:29:51 CET 2011

Hi Developers,
I am new to the PMA community and relatively new to the codebase.
I've hit a road block with a bug and would appreciate a lot if some seasoned
developers would help me get over the problem.

Please read the comments.
Narrowed down the problem to being from php.ini 's safe mode setting which
doesn't let set_time_limit override default max_execution_time in php.ini

After making a rough idea of how the export works in PMA it struck me that
we can use the function that basically outputs every line in all types of
output. [install dir]/export.php > PMA_exportOutputHandler to check if we
are going to run out of time


I made these changes from around line 110 search for function called
PMA_exportOutputHandler and you'll find it.
Now the final lines on my download give out the line "It's gonna blow!!!"
last few lines.

Now I need to make sure that

   1. User gets an error. (session or something? $GLOBALS['message'] =
   PMA_Message::error(); is of no use for files going line by line :( )
   2. The function passes back the last output line or may be redirects for
   another file download for lines after the current one being output.

Can you guys think of any other scenario for an error (except for safe mode)
and can you guide me on shooting out the errors?
Worst case scenario we can use the error handling function for a fallback
but I want to make a clean solution if possible.

Piyush Mishra
Life's Short, Live it to the maximum
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