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This is some of my suggestions for the project zoom search proposed for
Project: Zoom Search

Summary: Zoom search is a feature to represent the data in a graphical
manner. The original idea proposed was to make a 2D scatter. But this idea
is meaningful only for fields with numeric values. The idea can be extended
to make charts which meaningfully classify data and provide a visual
representation. For example for fields with data type *enum* we can make pie
charts and zooming into the pie chart will result in providing greater
details about the data points lying in that region. User can select the type
of chart (pie, bar, frequency, 2D scatter etc) he wants at any juncture of
time and depending on the level of zoom and the fields to relate the desired
chart can be made.

Some additional features:

1.       Update feature for a data point: The record can be updated
graphically by selecting the data point.

2.       Deletion of record using the data point.

3.       Grouping of similar records: Data can be represented in the form of
stacks. For example one stack can contain movies pertaining to the same
year. Zooming in the stack will result in greater details.

4.       Can be combined with the result set of custom queries of the users.

Rationale for doing this:

1.       Data can be better interpreted in graphical form by the end user.

2.       It will provide a user friendly approach to view/manipulate desired

3.       WYSIWYG approach.

4.       As I propose to develop it as a plug-in, it can be used by other
applications also easily.

Development methodology: As the other projects suggests the community is
moving towards ajax for phpmyadmin. Development using ajax, php ,javascript
will prove to be useful. Moreover the development will be as a separate api
without disturbing the core of phpmyadmin so that it will not interfere with
the simultaneous and future changes in the core.

These are a few suggestions from my side for the project. I will append the
list and refine the features as they will occur to me. I will come up with
an implementation plan in detail soon. Also comments and suggestions are
welcome on this project.  I would like to take this as a gsoc project.

Dushyant Tiwari
BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus
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