[Phpmyadmin-devel] Gsoc Idea: Zoom Search

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Tue Mar 22 17:39:18 CET 2011

Dushy at nT T!wAr! a écrit :
> Hi,
> This is some of my suggestions for the project zoom search proposed for 
> gsoc2011.
> Project: Zoom Search
> Summary: Zoom search is a feature to represent the data in a graphical 
> manner. The original idea proposed was to make a 2D scatter. But this 
> idea is meaningful only for fields with numeric values. The idea can be 
> extended to make charts which meaningfully classify data and provide a 
> visual representation. For example for fields with data type /enum/ we 
> can make pie charts and zooming into the pie chart will result in 
> providing greater details about the data points lying in that region. 
> User can select the type of chart (pie, bar, frequency, 2D scatter etc) 
> he wants at any juncture of time and depending on the level of zoom and 
> the fields to relate the desired chart can be made.
> Some additional features:
> 1.       Update feature for a data point: The record can be updated 
> graphically by selecting the data point.
> 2.       Deletion of record using the data point.
> 3.       Grouping of similar records: Data can be represented in the 
> form of stacks. For example one stack can contain movies pertaining to 
> the same year. Zooming in the stack will result in greater details.
> 4.       Can be combined with the result set of custom queries of the 
> users.
> Rationale for doing this:
> 1.       Data can be better interpreted in graphical form by the end user.
> 2.       It will provide a user friendly approach to view/manipulate 
> desired data.
> 3.       WYSIWYG approach.
> 4.       As I propose to develop it as a plug-in, it can be used by 
> other applications also easily.
> Development methodology: As the other projects suggests the community is 
> moving towards ajax for phpmyadmin. Development using ajax, php 
> ,javascript will prove to be useful. Moreover the development will be as 
> a separate api without disturbing the core of phpmyadmin so that it will 
> not interfere with the simultaneous and future changes in the core.
> These are a few suggestions from my side for the project. I will append 
> the list and refine the features as they will occur to me. I will come 
> up with an implementation plan in detail soon. Also comments and 
> suggestions are welcome on this project.  I would like to take this as a 
> gsoc project.  
> -- 
> Dushyant Tiwari
> BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus

I agree with your excellent suggestions; please use jQuery where applicable.

Your challenge will be to include in your proposal what makes sense for 
a 13-week x 40 hours project.

Marc Delisle

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