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Ravindra Nath Kakarla ravindhranath at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 21:32:32 CET 2011


I have the following suggestions regarding the OpenGIS support in

Problem: There is no proper representation of spatial data. The current
version shows the bytes occupied by the spatial data value.
Suggestion: A visual representation of data will be more apt or at least a
representation to show which type of geometry class it is has to be there.

Problem: Inserting data of spatial type.
Suggestion: A simple interface where user can select the geometry class from
the list and enter the data in a convenient form.
For example, If a MULTILINESTRING has to be entered, the user has to
manually type MULTILINESTRING and then type its constituents.
datatypes are fixed, a simple interface to select the types will be useful.

Problem: The user cannot edit the fields of spatial data. Raw data is
Suggestion: A similar interface mentioned above can be used to edit the
value of a spatial field. The corresponding visual representation can be
displayed if required.

Problem: No support for spatial indexes.
Suggestion: Provision for specifying spatial indexes on spatial fields can
be added.

Problem: Search on spatial data tables.
Suggestion: Currently the search functionality on spatial tables is not
appropriate. The search has to return the matching geometric entries. A
visual representation can be additionally displayed to show the
matching  geometrics that has the given search item.

Problem: Specifying values in WKB format.
Suggestion: When user wishes to enter the values in WKB format, an interface
must be built to generate the bits in appropriate endian form and conversion
from WKB to WKT must be provided.

Problem: Spatial table on export produces raw data.
Suggestion: The spatial data can be exported as svg or png for the given
scale or at least in a form that represents data in a proper way.

These are some of my suggestions, improvements have to be done everywhere to
support spatial data types. What else can I add to the above list?

Thank you
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