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Dne Wed, 23 Mar 2011 02:02:32 +0530
Ravindra Nath Kakarla <ravindhranath at gmail.com> napsal(a):

> I have the following suggestions regarding the OpenGIS support in
> phpMyAdmin.
> Problem: There is no proper representation of spatial data. The current
> version shows the bytes occupied by the spatial data value.
> Suggestion: A visual representation of data will be more apt or at least a
> representation to show which type of geometry class it is has to be there.
> Problem: Inserting data of spatial type.
> Suggestion: A simple interface where user can select the geometry class from
> the list and enter the data in a convenient form.
> For example, If a MULTILINESTRING has to be entered, the user has to
> manually type MULTILINESTRING and then type its constituents.
> MULTILINESTRING(LINESTRING(....), LINESTRING(...), .....). Since these
> datatypes are fixed, a simple interface to select the types will be useful.
> Problem: The user cannot edit the fields of spatial data. Raw data is
> displayed.
> Suggestion: A similar interface mentioned above can be used to edit the
> value of a spatial field. The corresponding visual representation can be
> displayed if required.

There was also suggestion to allow use of maps like openstreetmap.org or
google maps for displaying/editing the data.

> Problem: No support for spatial indexes.
> Suggestion: Provision for specifying spatial indexes on spatial fields can
> be added.
> Problem: Search on spatial data tables.
> Suggestion: Currently the search functionality on spatial tables is not
> appropriate. The search has to return the matching geometric entries. A
> visual representation can be additionally displayed to show the
> matching  geometrics that has the given search item.

Again, maps could be used for this.

> Problem: Specifying values in WKB format.
> Suggestion: When user wishes to enter the values in WKB format, an interface
> must be built to generate the bits in appropriate endian form and conversion
> from WKB to WKT must be provided.

Isn't this rather import/export issue?

> Problem: Spatial table on export produces raw data.
> Suggestion: The spatial data can be exported as svg or png for the given
> scale or at least in a form that represents data in a proper way.

I guess you want to export raw data for SQL export, for things like
PDF, it could definitely be image representing the data.

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