[Phpmyadmin-devel] qtip question

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Sun Oct 9 21:29:37 CEST 2011

Rouslan Placella a écrit :
> On Sun, 2011-10-09 at 07:48 -0400, Marc Delisle wrote:
>> Hi,
>> my commit 8945a2a614cd4d62a462da339b3e8dd099f3115e works for the Create
>> table dialog, when called from the content frame.
>> However, from the navigation frame, even though I have included the qtip
>> library, the tooltips do not appear.
> Marc, it's actually really simple. When PMA_createTableDialog() is
> called we are in the context of the left frame, so qtip creates it's
> html elements in that frame, but then the dialog is shown in the right
> frame. So qtip is still doing it's job and shows you the tooltips, but
> since they are in the left frame you can't see them. The fix for that is
> to switch context for the call to PMA_createTableDialog().
> In navigation.js, change line 233 from:
>     PMA_createTableDialog(div , url , target);
> to:
>     parent.frame_content.PMA_createTableDialog(div , url , target);
> Rouslan

Thanks Rouslan, I committed this with you as the author.

Marc Delisle

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