[Phpmyadmin-devel] Refactoring edit: bug with transformations

Thilina Buddika Abeyrathna thilinaabeyrathna at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 03:47:05 CEST 2012

On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 5:45 PM, Marc Delisle <marc at infomarc.info> wrote:

> Hi Thilina,
> when using grid-editing (which calls tbl_replace.php), normally I see
> the generated UPDATE statement after my edit.
> However, if my table uses a transformation (for example, a VARCHAR with
> a MIME type = text/plain and a Browser transformation = text/plain:
> substr), I don't see the generated UPDATE statement.
> As a hint to debug this, I saw that
> PMA_getTransformationFunctionAndTransformationOptions() does not
> (always?) return an array, or an array with is correct to feed to
> $response->addJSON().
> Thank you Marc. I'll look at that.


Thilina Buddika Abeyrathna,
Department of Computer Engineering,
Faculty Of Engineering,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.
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