[Phpmyadmin-devel] Google Summer of Code 2012 - Where do I start

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Fri Mar 23 17:30:17 CET 2012

Le 2012-03-23 11:16, Lin Di a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am Lin Di, a developer from Singapore. I am a user of phpMyAdmin too. I
> found your projects listed in Google Summer of Code 2012. I am particularly
> interested in taking those refactoring projects. I have read through the
> project descriptions, but do no have much idea about the the requirements
> of these refactoring projects. Can someone advice how I can get started
> with the projects and what I should draft in the proposal?
> Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon.

the phpMyAdmin wiki is currently down but you can visit [0] to see the
Application Template you should follow when writing your proposal.

"Mentors generally do not wish to help a student drafting his proposal",
however if you have specific questions about one of the project ideas,
ask them here.

The applicant guide on our wiki says this (take a special note about the
April 10 deadline):

Get involved with phpMyAdmin

We accept only people who have already made some contribution to
phpMyAdmin and are actively discussing details of the proposal on the
phpmyadmin-devel mailing list. So you should get in touch with us as
soon as possible, look at existing bug reports or feature requests and
try to fix/implement some of them.

The best way to show us you are prepared is to publish your git tree
(see Git) with some changes fixing bugs or implementing some
improvements. This needs to be done by Wednesday, April 10th so that we
can use this as one of options to evaluate proposals.

More details about developing phpMyAdmin are available at
http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/improve.php. See also Tasks for
junior developers.

[0] http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/google/gsoc2012/phpmyadmin

Marc Delisle

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