[Phpmyadmin-devel] htmlspecialchars in PMA_Error

J.M. me at mynetx.net
Fri Mar 30 23:01:28 CEST 2012

>> Do we prefer using trigger_error() or the direct PMA_Message::display variant?
> Generally anything what comes as an error from PHP needs to be escaped,
> so there are two options:
> - pass our error messages to trigger_error as some object (let's call
>  it SafeString for now) and if error handler sees SafeString, it won't
>  do any processing of that
> - do not use trigger_error for anything what includes markup
> I'd prefer first solution (actually marking strings as safe to output
> is generally useful thing to prevent XSS).

The concept would be great—but trigger_error only accepts strings. See
the signature here:

bool trigger_error ( string $error_msg [, int $error_type = E_USER_NOTICE ] )

I suggest a workaround. We might store the message’s MD5 hash in a
global variable, like this:

function whitelist_error($errstr) {
    if (!isset($GLOBALS['error_whitelist'])) {
        $GLOBALS['error_whitelist'] = array();
    $GLOBALS['error_whitelist'][] = md5($the_message);

Within the PMA_Error_Handler::handleError function, we would check if
the current $errstr is whitelisted:

// if error message is not whitelisted, sanitize it
if (! isset($GLOBALS['error_whitelist'])
    || ! in_array(md5($errstr), $GLOBALS['error_whitelist'])) {

    $errstr = htmlspecialchars($errstr);
$error = new PMA_Error($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline);

But looking at this, do we still prefer trigger_error over directly
echoing PMA_Error objects as with The phpMyAdmin configuration storage
is not completely configured in main.php line 322?

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