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Abhishek Kandoi abhikandoi2000 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 20:03:39 CEST 2013

> Not sure we need the wiki, which is yet another system to maintain, as
> we have a bug tracker.


I did some research today and was trying to found out ways to create a
system that can be easily extended in the future by other developers. I
came across MVC as a good choice for the server-side system. This way we
can separate the views from the models and create controllers to handle
them. It would allow the future developers to easily extend the system.
Also making the system a lot more organized.

Also regarding the server-side system, a simple statistics page to
visualize the data related to the errors is what I suggest.

By simple I do not mean lacking on the information side. But rather having
a simple user interface for a great UX for the developers. I don't want
them to think what an element on the interface does. It should be obvious
at the first glance. It is this simple that I mean.

This would help the developers get an overview of the current state of the
errors fixed and errors which require attention.
I was thinking to use it to highlight the error which have affected a lot
of client-side systems so as to get the developers attention. Moreover I
would like the D3.js Javascript library for visualizing data as it would
provide a good control over the visualization part.

One of the graphs would help the developers in visualizing the number of
errors added to the system per day. While one can help them visualize the
ratio of the number of bugs fixed to the number of bugs reported in a day.
These two are quite simple ones. I am working on some more useful and
interactive graphs.

Also regarding the bug fixing, can I fix any kind of bug or do I have to
necessarily fix at-least one Ajax related bug?

Abhishek Kandoi
First Year, Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
About Me : about.me/kandoiabhi
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