[Phpmyadmin-devel] js advice please

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Mon Dec 30 14:55:02 CET 2013

> Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 13:03:54 -0500
> From: marc at infomarc.info
> To: phpmyadmin-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Phpmyadmin-devel] js advice please
> Hi,
> I'm working on a bug [0]. The solution I'm trying is:
> - use display:none on the throbber
> - temporarily replace the navi reload image with the throbber image
> My problem is that the reloading operation is so fast (less than one 
> second) that I cannot see the throbber image. When I add an alert just 
> before putting back the reload image, I have the proof that the throbber 
> image is there.
> So, how can I ensure that the throbber image stays there at least, say, 
> one or two seconds? I tried with setTimeout() to no avail.
> [0] https://sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/bugs/3920/
> -- 
> Marc Delisle
> http://infomarc.info | http://phpmyadmin.net
Hi, From what I understand the issue to be, I gathered the following:
    <div id="loaderImage"></div><script type="text/javascript">	var cSpeed=11;	var cWidth=128;	var cHeight=128;	var cTotalFrames=18;	var cFrameWidth=128;	var cImageSrc='images/sprites.gif';		var cImageTimeout=false;	var cIndex=0;	var cXpos=0;	var cPreloaderTimeout=false;	var SECONDS_BETWEEN_FRAMES=0;		function startAnimation(){				document.getElementById('loaderImage').style.backgroundImage='url('+cImageSrc+')';		document.getElementById('loaderImage').style.width=cWidth+'px';		document.getElementById('loaderImage').style.height=cHeight+'px';				//FPS = Math.round(100/(maxSpeed+2-speed));		FPS = Math.round(100/cSpeed);		SECONDS_BETWEEN_FRAMES = 1 / FPS;				cPreloaderTimeout=setTimeout('continueAnimation()', SECONDS_BETWEEN_FRAMES/1000);			}		function continueAnimation(){				cXpos += cFrameWidth;		//increase the index so we know which frame of our animation we are currently on		cIndex += 1;		 		//if our cIndex is higher than our total number of frames, we're at the end and should restart		if (cIndex >= cTotalFrames) {			cXpos =0;			cIndex=0;		}				if(document.getElementById('loaderImage'))			document.getElementById('loaderImage').style.backgroundPosition=(-cXpos)+'px 0';				cPreloaderTimeout=setTimeout('continueAnimation()', SECONDS_BETWEEN_FRAMES*1000);	}		function stopAnimation(){//stops animation		clearTimeout(cPreloaderTimeout);		cPreloaderTimeout=false;	}		function imageLoader(s, fun)//Pre-loads the sprites image	{		clearTimeout(cImageTimeout);		cImageTimeout=0;		genImage = new Image();		genImage.onload=function (){cImageTimeout=setTimeout(fun, 0)};		genImage.onerror=new Function('alert(\'Could not load the image\')');		genImage.src=s;	}		//The following code starts the animation	new imageLoader(cImageSrc, 'startAnimation()');</script>                      > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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