[Phpmyadmin-devel] [4.0.8] server_synchronize.php not found ?

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> Subject: [Phpmyadmin-devel] [4.0.8] server_synchronize.php not found ?
> Hello everybody ! 
> I've just downloaded phpMyAdmin and 4.0.8 to install them locally and to be able to administrate my remote databases.
> I have to sync 2 databases (2 different servers), I've done it already with another 3.X installation, now on 4.0.8, I can't find the "synchronize" tab, which previously pointed to "server_synchronize.php".
> Is it a discontinued feature or something like that ? It's still present in
> Thank you for your help.
> -- 
> Cordialement, Adnan RIHAN.

Hello Adnan,

As outlined in the ChangeLog for phpMyAdmin 4.0.0, we removed the 
synchronize feature that existed in the 3.5.x series:

We removed the existing Synchronize feature because of serious flaws:

However, we plan to recreate an improved edition for a future version.
In the meantime, I suggest you to take a look at MySQL’s own 
replication feature, for keeping two database servers in sync.


Thanks for asking about this!

phpMyAdmin developer team 		 	   		  

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