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Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Fri Jan 17 14:43:09 CET 2014

Tapesh Mandal a écrit :
> Respected Sir,
>                      I want to add a sort by key for all the columns
> in a table of a database.Currently there is a sort by key only for the
> primary key.I thought i would use the existing code for  sorting
> primary key. That's why i used the inspect element function for the
> sort by key option in phpmyadmin panel and this is what i got
> Sort by key:
> <option value="SELECT * FROM `accounts`
>  ORDER BY `s.no.` ASC">PRIMARY (Ascending)</option><option
> value="SELECT * FROM `accounts`
>  ORDER BY `s.no.` DESC">PRIMARY (Descending)</option><option
> value="SELECT * FROM `accounts`" selected="selected">None</option>
> But the above code cant be found anywhere in the source code i
> downloaded from github .Is it function generated?

Yes, see libraries/DisplayResults.class.php in the 
_getSortByKeyDropDown() function.

> Also i found that php is not the only thing phpmyadmin is made of
> there is javascript and loads of other stuff ..please tell me what are
> the languages i need to learn to completely understand phpmyadmin code

PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL (MySQL) cover most of the code. 
There are a few other libraries used.

> .
> which are the books i should refer for that ??

None that I know of.

> Is there any place where phpmyadmin code is completely explained for
> beginners or are we on our own??

"Completely explained", I guess not, it depends what you mean. If some 
part is not clear, just ask, maybe it needs more comments or refactoring.

See http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/devel.php and 

Marc Delisle
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