[Phpmyadmin-devel] #3991 select item in any select box with the ENTER keystroke doesn't work anywhere

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Sun Mar 2 12:58:49 CET 2014

Le 2014-03-01 18:16, Aayush Anand a écrit :
> hi Marc,
> i have been thoroughly going through the source code for last 4 days,
> looking for the potential fault for not enter key not working. I was not
> able to locate any such potential reason. Then i started thinking in
> different way and read about issues of working of active x in IE9. 
> can it be because of that reason.?
> if i run PMA in chrome, my esc button works same as enter button. Now
> when i run PMA on IE9, enter doesn't work but still esc button works in
> the same way. This may be because of keyup and keydown event handler
> used for enter key and not for esc key.
> please tell me if i am thinking in correct direction.

Hi Aayush,
you might have found the cause. Note that these bug tickets are still
there because nobody found a solution.

Please tell us which exact select box you are looking at.

Marc Delisle
http://infomarc.info | http://phpmyadmin.net

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