[phpMyAdmin Developers] Question about PSR1

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Mon Dec 7 16:46:48 CET 2015


Dne 5.12.2015 v 16:51 Marc Delisle napsal(a):
> I find it overkill to move one line of define() to an include file. A
> possible way to comply with PSR1 in this situation would be the following.
> In js/whitelist.php, replace the define() with
> $pmaMinimumCommon = true;
> In libraries/common.inc.php replace the if (! defined()) with
> if (! pmaMinimumCommon)

Maybe it would be better (and cleaner) to split up common.inc.php to two
files - one doing the "minimal" set of things, the other one adding
other logic on top of it.

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