[Phpmyadmin-devel] problem regarding pushing my commits to remote branch

Tapan Halani tapanhalani231 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 14:20:51 CET 2015

I don't know whether it is a good idea or not to ask git related doubts
here, but I have tried possibly all other solutions for my problem.

I have recently solved bug#4744 but could not push my commits to branch
QA_4_3 , as was suggested by a mentor. Everytime I push the commits from my
local branch to remote, everything goes well but I cannot see any updations
present on local branch on remote branch. Please guide me through this, as
I am feeling quite embarrassed on myself being stuck on this for 1 day.

Also , I have pushed my commits on my own branch tapan-branch, as a
contingency for evaluation. So while I fix the above problem , can you
evaluate my commits on my branch ? I have created a pull reqest too.

Thank you.
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