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Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 07:05:30 CET 2015


On 1/12/15, 3:33 PM, Hugues Peccatte wrote:
> 2015-01-12 16:07 GMT+01:00 Isaac Bennetch <bennetch at gmail.com
> <mailto:bennetch at gmail.com>>:
>     On 1/12/15, 5:55 AM, Marc Delisle wrote:
>     > Le 2015-01-11 10:12, Hugues Peccatte a écrit :
>     >
>     ...
>     > NavigationTreeDefaultTabTableAndView.
>     >>
>     >> Currently, there are 5 possible values for this configuration variable:
>     >>  * 'tbl_structure.php' = fields list
>     >>  * 'tbl_sql.php' = SQL form
>     >>  * 'tbl_select.php' = search page
>     >>  * 'tbl_change.php' = insert row page
>     >>  * 'sql.php' = browse page
>     >
>     > By the way, using script names as values for such variables has always
>     > bothered me. I would prefer more neutral strings like 'search',
>     > 'structure' and so on. But this is a separate discussion.
>     Hi,
>     This seems reasonable to me, though I wonder how we would handle the
>     internationalization of the text. Would we force everyone to use the
>     English tab names or their local language equivalent? If we use the
>     local translated string, which seems reasonable to me if we're making
>     the change, then we need some way to make sure the user puts here, for
>     instance, Struktur instead of Zusammensetzung. I'm not sure that it will
>     work well to write in the documentation "Use here the string text that
>     appears as the link in the tabs across the top of the page, for instance
>     in French use 'Structure' or in Italian 'Struttura'." Doing so would
>     also break installations where one user uses English and another user
>     prefers Tamil.
>     The more I think about it with that in mind, the more I think we'd have
>     to force everyone to use the English language link text.
>     Is this worth doing? If so, I can work on it.
> Isaac,
> I'm not sure about what you said. Do we agree that the proposal is not
> to have a free text, but still a select with less technical terms?
> Hugues.

I certainly didn't phrase it well, but also I think I was over-thinking
it. I'll try again with my revised thoughts at the end.

If I correctly understand what Marc wrote, instead of using the PHP file
name I would use the name of the tab (or some other text), such as
$cfg['NavigationTreeDefaultTabTable'] = 'Structure';

On the surface, this seemed like a great idea to me, we could simply
match the name of the tabs (Browse, Structure, SQL, Search, and so on)
instead of using the file names such as tbl_structure.php,
tbl_select.php, and so on.

Then it occurred to me that, thanks to our great local language support,
*my* structure tab is called "Structure" but in Italian it's "Struttura"
-- so we will have to standardize whatever text we use. My first thought
was to just make the configuration options match the tab text, but that
won't work due to the internationalization. We can't try to match the
configuration file based on what text is displayed to the user. This is
where I got stuck earlier today.

Then I had some further thought. We do this all the time in the
configuration. I mean, not this exactly, but $cfg['GridEditing'] can be
'click' 'double-click' or 'disabled' -- none of which change if the user
is using a different language. Similarly with $cfg['DefaultDisplay'] and
probably a dozen other configuration options; we force the user to set a
value in English. This is not a bad thing, but is the part I had
forgotten about when I sent out my earlier message.

So yeah, I completely support this idea, and sorry for the noise while
my thoughts hadn't fully formed. Writing them out and confusing you all
is what it took to get me on the right path :)

I've taken the liberty of opening a feature request about this:

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