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Kushagra Pandey kushagra4296 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 07:53:11 CET 2015


I am Kushagra and I was working on the print view css feature request
I implemented the print view using CSS for "Print View" but was having some
issues with "Print View (with full texts)". I am unsure if it's a fine
option to print the full texts as hidden fields so that it can easily be
shown using CSS in print view. Will that have some adverse effects on the
performance and webpage rendering speed and all? Or should I go ahead and
implement by using hidden fields?

Also, I'm a GSOC'15 aspirant and would like to work on the features listed
under "Feature request project enhancements" and a few more features/bugs.
So it'd be great if you let me know where to start except the Print View
using CSS thing. I have knowledge of PHP MySQL jquery and various
programming languages, and working on web development and software for six
years. I have also contributed in a few startups as senior developer and
technical director.


With best regards,
Kushagra Pandey,
B.Tech. Part-IV,
Electrical Engineering,
IIT (BHU), Varanasi.
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