[Phpmyadmin-devel] Bug Fix

Vaishak Prashanth vaishak.prashanth at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 15:31:50 CET 2015

Hello Mark.

>>Vaishak Prashanth a écrit :
>> Hello everyone !
>> I'm Vaishak, and I've recently started off in the open source community.
>> You can check out a couple of my projects at github/vaishakp9
>> They're not much, but they're open source nevertheless.
>> I've been an avid user of phpmyadmin for over a year now. I want to start
>> helping the community buy fixing bugs.
>> I've got a working knowledge of PHP, HTML, C, C++ and some JavaScript.
>> Could you please recommend a fairly easy bug for me to work on ?

>Hi Vaishak,
>Is this intended to show us your skills for Google Summer of >Code?

>> And where do I start looking to fix said bug on the admittedly huge
>> codebase ?
>> Thanks a lot !
>> Cheers
>> Vaishak P

>Marc Delisle (phpMyAdmin)

Yes. This is intended to show my skills for Google Summer Of Code. But not
only for that. I wasn't very aware of open source projects ... I kept using
phpmyadmin ...

And then I heard about GSoC and attended a seminar, which is where I
realized I could actually contribute.

So. Yes. This would be for Google Summer of Code, but irrespective of
whether I get it or not... I want to contribute to phpmyadmin in a major

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