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Raghav Aggarwal rgv.aggarwal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 22:23:57 CET 2015


I am looking forward towards contributing to this free open-source tool of
php that make billions(or more) of lives easier (like my own) by bringing
MySQL in an easy to use web GUI.
I would like to introduce myself to all the honorable open-source
developers of phpMyAdmin.

I am Raghav, Raghav Aggarwal from India. Here, we follow (UTC+05:30)
Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi timezone.

I am pursuing for under-graduate degree with Computer Science and
engineering as Major subject.

This ("rgv.aggarwal at gmail.com") is my email ID.
My wordpress blog address ("https://rgvaggarwal.wordpress.com/").
My public github repository ("https://github.com/rgvagg").

To give a better graphical user interface for multi-table query and thereby
improving consistency.

Now users will have to write less MySQL queries and would have power to
perform joins (LEFT JOIN, INNER JOIN, RIGHT JOIN) through web GUI.

Presently, we have to write MySQL query to perform multi-table query after
the execution of what i had planned we can perform joins and create views
as easily as we perform CRUD of single table using phpMyAdmin.

In the final output we will have a tool with Graphical multi-table query on
the selected database. I plan to put this function in "db_operations.php"

The design and development will be done by the mid-term and documentation
and testing will be carried out in the second-half along with real-time
user reviews.

I am willing spend 10 hours a day working 5 days each week, with
dedication, without fail for this project.

This is the first time I will be ever contributing to an open source
project or if lucky participating in GSoC. I am willing to return something
to open source communities that had always given me so much and with the
help of whom even a no-vice can develop awesome websites and share his/her
ideas with the world(blogs).

In the past as a part of my under-graduate course, I worked as an
intern(8-weeks) in a startup named T-Chowk Labs (Address: T-Chowk Labs Pvt.
Ltd., C-89, Sector 52, Noida) on their project "http://www.schoolmitra.com/"
where I learnt technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, RoR, Git, SQL
and most importantly professional ethics.
I, then, worked with HARKSH Technologies Pvt LTD (Address: SCO 13A, Kundan
Nagar Road, Krishna Mandir, Model Town Ext, Model Town, Ludhiana, Punjab
141002) as Junior Web Developer where I honed my skills learning  Adobe
Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, php and it's various frameworks(wordpress
mainly), MySQL continuing the use of git as a Version Controlling System
and HTML5, CSS3, Javascript for designing.

My favorite feature of phpMyAdmin is the MySQL statements can be executed
using the GUI which makes it very easy to use even for someone with no
previous knowledge and experience. Also, the developers can perform query
here and then decide whether the problem is with code or if it's something
Moreover almost all web-hosts today support phpMyAdmin making it my

According to me, apart from the joins, transactions and error reporting and
handling can be improved in development and some changes could be made in
design which though simple to use is a sort of old fashioned.
I am ready to put my heart and soul in this project.

Pardon if I made any mistakes for this is my very first draft proposals
All sorts of suggestions are cordially welcomed.

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