[Phpmyadmin-devel] Non-configuration local settings in Page-related settings

Nisarg Jhaveri nisargjhaveri at gmail.com
Sun May 17 15:34:09 CEST 2015


One part of RFE for Page-related settings says the following.
"There are also other ways to set options. In Browse, we have Options, and
other remembered settings like column visibility, column sorting and order
of display. I am not sure if these mechanisms should be integrated or not
to the new way."

I've been thinking about this and now I am confused about its usefulness
and implementation. Here is what I think.

These kind of options are accessible directly from where they are used. For
example, column sorting is just clicking on the column header. Which is
intuitive enough and easily accessible. I don't think we need another place
to manage those. IMHO, it would be just useless.

Since, these settings are integrated in UI, to have their other
not-integrated form seems a little difficult. For example, multiple column
sorting is easily shown in the header of table with priority numbers, but
to have it somewhere else, we'll have to think of some other form to show
and edit this settings.

The type and UI will be quite different for each such option. We can't
unify them that easily.

Also, sometimes, they are location specific even in one page, so having
them in a global page settings doesn't make much sense. To overcome this,
we can multiple instances of settings in the page, but that would be just
as same as existing techniques.

Any thoughts about this are much appreciated. Should we do this? How should
we do this? What settings can possibly be added?

Sorry for a long mail, but I'm a little confused and would like some help.

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