[Phpmyadmin-devel] Regarding RFE #701

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Wed May 27 13:31:05 CEST 2015

Hi Deven,

On 5/25/15 11:25 AM, Deven Bansod wrote:
> ​Hi, 
>> ​Thanks for the reply.​
> On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 6:31 PM, Isaac Bennetch <bennetch at gmail.com
> <mailto:bennetch at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     >
>     > /I had something in mind about the implementation, but am not able to
>     > figure some details. Any help in this regard would be appreciated. /
>     My first thought when I saw the initial feature request years ago was to
>     make a print view stylesheet (such as [0])that hides the navigation
>     frame, menu bar, etc. At the time, that wasn't a viable option because
>     of the frameset, but with the move to a single page for display it might
>     be possible now. I did not test whether this would actually work for us,
>     but if it does the "Print" button can simply become a javascript
>     function to tell the browser to print rather than opening a whole new
>     plain-formatted page with different rendering. For me, this certainly
>     would be the preferred method if it works.
> ​Thanks for the link. I will look into it and explore.​

I take it the pure CSS solution didn't work out for you?

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