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Luca Scocchera ing.luca.scocchera at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 08:11:46 CET 2015

Dear Lady/Sir,

I need of free informations on Your software, because I am absolutely non expert (and not very rich actually) and I did free download (GNU) of this program only for Study better php language, as indicated on a e-book (2015) with exercises.
I resume what I would like to know from You :

1. I accepted the licence on line but I read only the first part.Can I have a licence in pdf format?
2. I’m very honest, but I don’t know, actually, international laws on php and similar. Can I use, after training, Your program for commercial use?
3. Can You give me a little general explanation on the system?
4. (Last, but not least) How can insert my first php script in a page; how can I create the first page?

The following issues : I will study more only if I will know that it is all legal from my position.

Thank’s for attention and sorry for my temporarely ignorance (also in writing You).

All this system, like “open source”, is a very important action of Your Society (if I understood well).

I’ll wait an answer.

Best regards

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